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Positive on Publishing

Feb 24, 2021

In this episode, you’ll learn how to become a conscious leader (and how to spot a leader whose NOT yet awake). You’ll learn how to lead from the heart through a model called the SER model, which comes from the Spanish verb SER, to be.

Our guest is Rodolfo Carrillo, speaker, consultant, trainer, and coach. He is also the author of the upcoming book, BE-ing leadership, How to Thrive Using the SER model.

We have 3 “fun nuggets” followed by the 5 principles of the SER model:

Fun nugget #1: Know your why for your book project and every other project you dedicate time to (Rodolfo shares his “why” around service)

Fun nugget #2: Be open to downloads from the universe (especially when you are away from your desk!)

Fun nugget #3: Creation is nonlinear (and creation can be FUN by opening up one’s energy to access the greater intelligence referred to by Carl Jung as the Collective Unconscious)

Here are the 5 SER model principles:

#1: Purpose (life is not about “me” but how I serve)

#2: Interdependence (we all belong to a tribe)

#3: Responsibility

#4: Compassion

#5: Beginner’s mindset.

What Rodolfo thinks is fun:
Transcending our mental limits
Playing basketball (team sports)

About Rodolfo Carrillo
Conscious Leadership Shaman, speaker, consultant, trainer, coach & author, Rodolfo has developed the powerful SER model for achieving leadership of the fullest potential as well as, deep-sustainable personal mastery and organizational growth.

As an MBA graduate, Rodolfo has been involved in business consulting and training for more than 15 years and has participated as an independent director on more than 20 business boards. He has also been meditating and on a spiritual development path since he was 7 years old.

Rodolfo has a very interesting and unique combination of business skills, experience, and spiritual wisdom that triggers profound transformation through his work, which is motivated by his purpose: to raise consciousness in the World so all beings can live in harmony and greater wellbeing


FB: @thesermodel
FB & IG: @rodolfo.carrillo
Linked-in: @rodolfo-carrillo