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Positive on Publishing

Nov 15, 2017

Azul is a teacher at heart and loves to share what he has learned with others. Azul has coached seasoned writers like Pat Flynn, of Smart Passive Income, and Dana Malstaff, of, to find their book ideas and execute well.

When Azul is not writing or coaching other authors, he can be found relaxing in a yoga class or obsessing over tiny houses on Pinterest or just enjoying our family’s cute dogs, Scooter and Oliver.

Here are the fun nuggets from the interview:

Fun nugget #1: Start with the WHY for yourself: authority, money, expertise (imagine the book in your hands and what it does for YOU). Finding this ‘why’ might take a series of asking yourself “why” until you reach the core.
Fun nugget #2:  The writing process is more about extraction than adding any content.
Fun nugget #3:  Write — not edit, not think!
Fun nugget #4: Don’t let the GUNK get into your way (your other agenda: your doubts, your voices, the judgement).
Fun nugget #5:  Everyone has their own preferred accountability structure, but Azul finds that a weekly check in is key.