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Positive on Publishing

Oct 18, 2017

On today’s interview Kathryn will go through some of the services provided by InstaFreebie and all the steps required to join with Ashley Durrer.

Ashley is passionate about art forms of all kinds, and was able to indulge this passion when she worked for the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. As a remaining volunteer with the Accessibility Department, she continues to enrich the experiences of visitors. Now an entrepreneur, her focus has been on accelerating great stories and big ideas. She believes there is a fan for every story and every idea. Ashley has been honored to work with such great authors, and considers many of them friends as they continue to work together in innovative ways.

Below you can see an outline of the interview with all the steps you need to take to join InstaFreebie: 


  1. Visit and select your plan to create your account. Then upload your book either in epub format and/or pdf format. At that point you can also upload content upgrades/extra content (for fiction you can upload alternate endings and for non-fiction you can upload trivias and other information valuable to the readers as well as parts or the entire book for the giveaway);
  2. Instafreebie will create a campaign for you and you will be given a link to share your giveaway with your audience;
  3. As an author you will get the chance of being featured on one of the instafreebies newsletters that are sent out every day of the week, every week;
  4. Instafreebie values authors that are actually engaging with their readers, this shows us that the 10th person on your email list is as important as the 1000th as both have the same chance of becoming a super fan;
  5. Besides having your solo campaign you can create or be part of a group giveaway ( that are a collective of authors promoting a single web page of books which is a genious idea. They also offer alternative groups organized by third party organizers known as verified organizers such as Ebook Discovery, Freebooksy and Bargain Booksy;
  6. The best of all of that is that the entire process takes minutes and not hours.