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Positive on Publishing

Jan 26, 2022

I am thrilled to continue to introduce you to more of my amazing friends from the Evolutionary Business Council.  Today’s guest is Lumari, an Intuitive Coach, Conscious Channel, and Creative Catalyst.

In this episode, we talk about her channeled book, Streams of Consciousness. 

We uncover five fun nuggets in our discussion about her work with clients on the path to living their higher soul’s callings.

She offers a free gift that will allow you to create your own personal sacred space.

Here are the fun nuggets from the interview:

#1: Channeling a book is a way to deliver divine messages to the human world. 
(I first learned about book channeling from Lisa Najjar in EP004 of this podcast).

#2: Streams (from the twelve streams of consciousness that Lumari writes about) can bring together tribe members who are resonating at a similar frequency.

#3: The simple act of reading a book can bring about healing.

#4: The simple act of reading a book can be transformational (make time for reading every day!)

#5: Inspiration is the feeling when the divine is talking to you.

About Lumari

Lumari is a gifted, internationally acclaimed Intuitive Coach, Creative Catalyst, Multi-dimensional Conscious Channel, and Vibrational Activator. For over twenty-five years, she has mentored, coached, and guided thousands of people all over the world to live their Higher Soul’s Callings. She delights in helping her clients, celebrate and expand their soul purpose, fulfill their dreams, to create their highest path of destiny.

Born with special multi-dimensional psychic, conscious channeling, creative and healing gifts, Lumari serves as a catalyst, guide, and inspiration for personal and planetary transformation, evolution, and awakening. 

She is an award-winning and bestselling author of numerous breakthrough spiritual, metaphysical, and self-help books. Her books, meditations, and spiritual training bring joyful awakening, profound clarity, spiritual connection, and healing. They reveal secret teachings to raise awareness and Divine connection.

Her newest book, “Streams of Consciousness, is “A mind-altering, heart-opening, awakening journey into the cosmos, your divine nature, and our world.”

In a fusion of her many spiritual gifts, Lumari mentors with high vibration, psychic and practical wisdom, guiding her clients to continue to reach new heights of awakening, fulfillment, and success,  align with their higher souls callings, make a positive difference in our world - and have fun doing it. 

What’s fun for Lumari

I love to play! Curiosity and exploration are fun! Singing is fun. Shifting people's energies to greater joy is fun! _Ready? I say this all the time! I love to mentor people to align with their higher souls callings, make a positive difference in our world - and have fun doing it. 


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