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Positive on Publishing

Jun 16, 2021

In this episode, you’ll learn about how publishing a book is very similar to the process of inventing a product, as we go through the process of “getting your ideas out of your coffee cup, and on the market.”.

That’s the subtitle of the book of today’s guest, Ron Richard.

This phrase might be familiar to you if you’ve listened to my Make Publishing Fun Summit, which was based on the concept of “Getting your book out of your head and into the world with a smile on your face.”
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We have 8 “fun nuggets” that apply to both the process of launching an invention and publishing a book. Enjoy!

#1: Always start with customer (reader) needs

#2:  Then answer the question: does it (the product or book) have a right to exist?
You can do this through the process of focus groups, or when working digitally, through surveys.

#3: When asking questions of the market, keep it simple and not too many

#4: Get help along the way

#5:  Steer around the ever-shifting rocks in the river

#6:  Stay focused: don't clutter up your product line

#7:  If you see a need, plant the seed

#8: Laugh and have fun along the way

More about Ron F. Richard
Ron is the Founder of BLD Medical Consulting, a turnkey consulting firm focused on sales, marketing, digital, web design, M/A, FDA and overall supporting medical device manufacturers, hospitals, homecare, physician-based businesses, as well as clinical trials.

He is a seasoned expert specializing in the medical device, medical diagnostic, and life science market segments. With over 35 years of experience in the Medical Industry, he has gained extensive knowledge and experience in respiratory, pulmonary, and sleep medicine. 

Primarily spearheading domestic and international sales, marketing, business development efforts, prospect for increased networks and engagement, he also advances, executes and assesses strategic plans to develop and implement strategic repositioning, product launch, branding, distribution, and marketing. Improve and apply policies and procedures refining overall operation and efficiency.

His involvement in owning and operating home care companies, sleep laboratories, manufacturers, and distribution businesses became instrumental in developing and designing several products used in the treatment and diagnosis of chronic health care conditions.

He’s known for being a patient advocate. Awarded Home Care Person of the Year in 2004 and Top Tech Executive in San Diego in 2011. He is passionate about his work and this has resulted in launching over 40 major products resulting in sales of over $1B.

He helps formulate new product FDA submissions, coordinate registration processes for security protocols of HIPAA/PCI/ISO/HITRUST.

What’s fun for Ron:
 Playing live gigs.




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