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Positive on Publishing

May 12, 2021

In this episode, you’ll learn from anxiety coach Heather Rider, who personally overcame high-functioning anxiety to lead a life with more grace and ease.

Heather is the author of the Anxiety Detox Workbook, a publication that allows clients to take consistent action towards improved mental wellness.

This episode is a fun add-on discussion to the recent interview with Dr. Chloe Carmichael, author of the recently published “Nervous Energy: Harness the Power of Your Anxiety”.

We have 7 “fun nuggets” to share with you from this interview:

#1: High functioning anxiety is like having 2 layers of the brain: one is where you are present and calm, and the other is like a crazy hamster wheel

#2: To address high functioning anxiety, it is important to address the hamster wheel (and get off it)
For a fun giggle, this link goes to my book trailer video for Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons. Notice the hamster on the wheel!

#3: If YOU don't say no the body will say no
I mention a favorite book of mine called “When the Body Says No” by Dr. Gabor Mate:

#4: Be open to signals from the universe

#5: Take consistent action towards mental wellness
Heather talks about her anxiety detox workbook:

#6: Experiment with various modalities for optimal wellness. Heather mentions hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, energy work, EFT, and Reiki

#7: Find a community so that you don't feel alone.

About Heather Rider
Heather Rider is an anxiety coach and Imposter Syndrome educator who personally overcame high-functioning anxiety and Imposter Syndrome while working in a demanding Tech job. She works with clients from all over the world who want to take a nontraditional, holistic approach to heal anxiety.

She regularly writes and presents on the issues of perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome, high-functioning anxiety, and other anxiety-related topics.

What’s fun for Heather:
yoga, hiking, playing board/card games with my kids, going to coffee shops I've never been to.


Anxiety detox workbook: