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Positive on Publishing

Apr 20, 2021

In this episode, you’ll learn about the differences between self-publishing and publishing with a traditional publisher with author, media personality, and clinical psychologist Dr. Chloe Carmichael.

Dr. Chloe’e interview not only shines a light on the publishing industry but also the mental wellness industry. We discuss how our world is in the midst of a triple pandemic, one around physical health and the virus, another around nutritional health, and a third around mental health.

We have 5 “fun nuggets” and many additional resources to help you on both your publishing and wellness journey.

#1:  Publishing timelines are very different for traditionally published books (vs. self-published). See this ebook for a description of the different kinds of publishers.

#2:   A storyline for a great book can be the answers you give to questions again and again.

#3:  Know your why for your publishing journey.

#4:  Understand the pros and cons of each publishing option (from having control, to speed, to quality). For those that seek more information about publishing, and especially profitable publishing,  I’ve created a new ebook called “5 Things You Need to Know to Make Publishing Profitable and Fun”. Download it now.

#5:  Recgonize that “mental conditions” such as anxeity are not necessarily a bad thing. Embrace your idiosyncrasies and leverage them.  The nine tools from her book for harnessing anxiety are:
The three-part breath
 Zone of control
 Mental short list
 To do list with emotions
 Mind mapping
 Worry time
 Response prevention
 Thought replacement
 Anchoring statements

About Dr. Chloe Carmichael
Dr. Chloe Carmichael, PhD is a clinical psychologist known as Dr. Chloe. Her practice in New York City employs multiple therapists to serve high-functioning business executives, people in the arts, and everyday people seeking support with personal or professional goals. Dr. Chloe was a yoga teacher prior to becoming a psychologist, so her practice blends the best of both meditation and psychology to support clients as they work towards emotional fulfillment, goal attainment, and success in relationships.

Dr. Chloe is the author of Nervous Energy: Harness the Power of  Your Anxiety (in press, Macmillan, 2021). She is a member in good standing of the American Psychological Association, as well as the National Register of Health Psychologists, an elite organization for psychologists with gold-standard credentials. She is also a consultant at Baker McKenzie, the third-largest law firm in the world.  She is an Advisory Board member for Women’s Health Magazine (Hearst) and a featured expert for Psychology Today. Dr. Chloe enjoys relating with the media, as well as public speaking.  She has been featured as an expert on VH1, Inside Edition, ABC Nightline, and other television; and has been quoted in the New York Times, Forbes, Vanity Fair, Shape, Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone, and other print media.