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Positive on Publishing

Mar 19, 2021

In this interview, we talk with Innovation Alchemist Laura Seymour about her quantum strategy to bring out creation and innovation, in a grounded way, with leadership teams.

You’ll learn about the amazing roots of the Baca Institute, a beautiful instrument for change in our world.

We talk about her upcoming quantum collaboration program, which I really hope the world is ready for!

We cruise through nine powerful fun nuggets as the excitement builds, so strap yourselves in for an exhilarating ride:

#1: Creation and creativity are not linear

#2: The key to productivity is being connection to your inner compass

#3: Know your creative innovator style (see the quiz on Laurie’s website (, and my Unique Author Style quiz is also available as part of one of my courses on publishing -

#4: Recognize that your ideas do not necessarily belong to you

#5: You may have more ideas than you can possibly work with at one time; discernment will allow you to navigate/avoid overwhelm

#6: There are no such things as accidents

#7: Timing is everything

#8: Be curious and go with the flow

#9: We are adjusting to a new normal; the time for innovation and change is now!

About Laurie Seymour
Laurie Seymour, Innovation Alchemist, is a 2x #1 best-selling author, founder and host of the Wisdom Talk Radio podcast, Executive Coach, international speaker and trainer and Founder/CEO of The Baca Institute. Over twenty years ago, Laurie was honored to receive the stewardship of a special esoteric technology that accelerates the process of innovation and creation in individuals and groups.
Her work is particularly valuable for conscious entrepreneurs, thought leaders, product designers, company founders; because the work accelerates the time from ideation to implementation and revenue, while also opening the creator to new levels of confidence, peace and satisfaction.

What Laurie thinks is fun:
Travel, meeting new people, gathering with great friends.

Inspiration into Action (upcoming retreat):

www.thebacainstitute. com,