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Positive on Publishing

Apr 3, 2020

In this episode, you’ll hear some timely advice during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, with information on how to engage with health care providers and others in a loving way.

Our guest, Marilyn Suttle, is one of the top 10 of Global Guru's Top 30 Customer Service Thought Leaders for 2020.

We have seven “fun nuggets” from the episode:

#1: Be present during these challenging times. We want to create an ability to override our natural biology which is based on the survival instinct (and fear).

#2: (Pause)... then look for the positive even in the negative.

#3: (Pause)...then create some distance between the situation and the result (what lies between is the belief, which you can control).

#4: Work on compassion and empathy for others from a somatic (body-based) level.

#5: Recognize that you energetically create your world with your emotions.

#6: Connection is part of the job when you are dealing with customers.

#7: Claim 100% responsibility for 50% of your relationships.

About Marilyn Suttle

Marilyn Suttle is a results coach and customer service expert who specializes in creating “Suttle Shifts” in the way people think and act, so they can produce massive results.
A leading authority in service excellence, communication, and strengthening relationships, as well as content marketing, she's been sourced as an expert by Psychology Today, U.S. News and World Report, Corp Magazine, and many more.
Marilyn is listed in the top 10 of Global Guru's Top 30 Customer Service Thought Leaders for 2020.
She has published three books - one with a major publisher, one self-published, and a customer service coloring book!

Marilyn Suttle’s website:

More about the modality Marilyn mentioned, RIM: