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Positive on Publishing

Jun 20, 2018

Tina Dietz is a world class speaker, audiobook publisher, podcast producer and content marketing expert.

Her podcast, the Start Something Show, was rated in as one of the top 35 podcasts for entrepreneurs.

In this interview for the Positive on Publishing podcast, Tina and I talk about why creating an audio version of a book is a very important step every author should take on their publishing journey.

We also talk about how to tell your audiobook was professionally produced.

Tina shares some FASCINATING info about how to use your voice to make more money, have more authority, and be more credible.  (Hint- listen for our discussion about 1) vocal fry and and 2) uptalk.

Here are the fun nuggets for the show:
1) Our work as change agents is all about reaching more people;  we must always think about how our audience wants to consume our book.  Providing our content in audio form is a way to serve a portion of the audience that wants to listen, not read.
2) We have to be very aware of the quality standards of audio, just as we would for our hardcover or paperback book or ebook. It is an enduring piece of work, and our audience can tell right away whether it was well done- or not.
3) Quality audio production takes time. It will take about 5 hours per every one hour of audio (10.000 words) to get to the final high-quality result.
4) Recording an audiobook can be very time consuming and requires a controlled environment for a high quality final product.

We go through all of the steps of recording and producing an audiobook, what makes for a good studio for recording an audiobook and vocal coaching.