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Positive on Publishing

Sep 27, 2017

Michelle Cox is the author of the award-winning Henrietta and Inspector Howard book from the A Ring of Truth fantasy series. She is also the author of the Novel Notes of Local Lore blog, which tells the story of forgotten residents of Chicago.

In this interview she will talk about the relationship with your publisher and your publicist and the importance of having both while still maintaining your budget. She will also go a bit in depth with her amazing career so far, especially after learning about hybrid publishing, while also sharing great nuggets with us: 


  1. Writing takes a lot of maturity, you can’t write a novel until you are at least 40 years old (understand why and where this comes from on the interview);
  2. Your book must have a solid bone structure on which to hang its organs. The arc of the book is very important;
  3. Finding a good publishing partner is very important but you as the author has the biggest role in your own success;
  4. And finally build your platform, whether it is through blogging, public speaking, guest posting, social media, email list building or anything else; just build it up!