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Positive on Publishing

Sep 6, 2017

Alan McComas is the laidback wholesaler and #1 bestselling author to the book THE LAIDBACK LIFESTYLE: "Anyone can have it" with several other books on the writing. He is also a consultant and vice president at SEI Engineer, Inc. and a real estate investor. Alan is committed to helping as many people as possible by sharing his thoughts and insights in his books that draw from his own personal and professional experience.

On this episode we will get very in depth with his writing and publishing journey while touching on several key points such as accountability, outsourcing and doing one thing at a time! 

Here are the fun nuggets from the show:


  1. Accountability is key to get things done. From now on, introduce yourself as the author of the upcoming (“insert book title”). Which brings us to nugget number 2:
  2. Tell all of your friends and the world about your upcoming book because a public statement of your intention to be an author can often be the most powerful accountability tool out there;
  3. The world of amazon for publishers is always changing and this keeps you quick on your feet, is what makes it fun. That is why you should do things, to have fun, enjoy life and offer a lot to other people, always making sure you are having fun. And finally;
  4. Do one thing at a time. Most people are overwhelmed struggling with procrastination which results from putting too much on your plate, trying to do too much at the same time. Break things down and be patient;