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Positive on Publishing

Mar 14, 2018

Abbe Rolnick offers 6 fun nuggets on this interview:  

Fun nugget #1: To publish successfully, you must combine your creativity with some business sense
Fun nugget #2: In today’s world of publishing, youas the aspiring author are the one that decides if your work is worthy
Fun nugget #3: When you write for the public (as opposed to writing for yourself), you have to hold yourself to professional standards
Fun nugget #4: You have to budget for your books (we talked about $5-10K to budget for a book)
Fun nugget #5:  Try not to be emotional about your budget and your financial decisions (your book is NOT your baby)
Fun nugget #6: Find your collaborative tribe to keep yourself safe (and have FUN!) in the industry. We talked about the Independent Book Publishing Association, the Pacific Northwest Book Association, and writing groups that can help you.